We’ve Been In Business For More Than 25 Years


Elite Lighting Company is a full service lighting company that is dedicated to providing our customers with quality lighting products, competitive pricing, knowledge and superior service.

As technology improves, change occurs. Some things remain constant, such as our customer service, sales, and shipping departments. We are still committed to providing you with the excellent service we have built our reputation on through the years.

Our Customer

We sell lighting products to just about anyone. Including hospitals, hotels and motels, churches, manufacturing facilities, property management and more.


Our team at Elite Lighting Company perceives continuing education as one of the keys for continued success. Our sales force and customer service people undergo periodic instruction on new products and technologies. Furthermore, time is allotted to re-examine lighting fundamentals during our sales meetings. Today we have adapted and integrated new energy saving products into our catalogue due to the ever changing industry and government regulations that are fast approaching in 2012.

Energy Star Buildings Program

Elite Lighting Company is an ally with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. As an ally within this program we consider it our responsibility to inform our customers of any and all options concerning their present and future lighting requirements.


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