Elite Lighting Company Once Again Wins Santee Cooper’s Reduce the Use Awards

Elite Lighting Company Once Again Wins Santee Cooper’s Reduce the Use Awards

Rolling to the front once again, are Elite Lighting Companie's Carla Owens and Jamie Barnes.

Connie Siegal, President, expressed it this way "I am so proud of Carla and Jamie for not only winning two prestitious awards, but also guaranteeing Elite a spot in Santee Cooper's Gigawatt Club as a result of their tremendous efforts to save Kwhs near and far."

Award number one was the "Great White Shark Award".  This is Santee Cooper's "Top Disbributor" of the year award.  Gail Coffer who spearheads this program for Santee put it this way "This company strikes fear in its competitors and can detect the need for its services, even in the smallest facility, from one end of the Grand Strand to the other."

Award number two was the "Whale Award".  Gail Coffer once again put it this way "Elite Lighting Company made a Whale of a difference in 2015 by diving in to "swallow up" the single largest non-national account Kwh project landing 678,681 Kwhs on the board.

Of course, as also mentioned above, Elite is now a member of Santee Cooper's Gigawatt Club.  This is one of the most prestigious awards a company can obtain.

2016 here we come!  Carla and Jamie will be feeding more Kwh fish in the days to come as they strive to devour more and more competitors.


Published by: Connie Siegal on Mar 15, 2016

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