Ask How Your Business Could Be Eligible For Lighting Rebates

Ask How Your Business Could Be Eligible For Lighting Rebates

Elite Lighting Company is working with utility companies to raise awareness, educate and provide energy-efficient lighting incentives to businesses. We have an in-depth knowledge of the lighting incentives available and will work directly with your local utility provider to identify and maximize rebate potential for your business.

REBATES will be offered to businesses who replace their old lighting systems or retrofit existing ones with more energy-efficient, lighting products. The rebates can be very substantial. We have customers who have received a cash rebate for a few hundred dollars to over $30,000. No business is too small to apply for a rebate.

We have the experience and knowledge to navigate through the energy assessment process. We all know that time is of value, and that our customers have a business to manage. As your lighting consultant partner, we can streamline the assessment process for you so that you can continue your daily commitment to your business.


S&W Manufacturing Retrofits 100,000 Square Foot Facility

We replaced their outdated, 789 lighting fixtures and light bulbs by installing 358 energy-efficient lighting products. This simple step resulted in a tremendous 90,000 kilowatt-hours reduction in lighting energy! In addition, S&W Manufacturing received a significant lighting rebate from Progress Lighting.

We’re talking over thousands of dollars! Congratulations for making the switch to energy-efficient lighting!


Bank of America / NAI Avant in SC acheive LEED Gold Status

Working with Bank Of America’s Facilities Managers Allen Stewart and Michael Moore, Elite representative Joel Caplan, implemented the “Green” energy saving lighting that is currently installed throughout the 302,000 square foot building. Selected sites were chosen to illustrate the possibilities of energy savings and enhancement of the quality of light for the building.

Energy audits based upon Bank of America’s electrical consumption and cost of power confirmed the possibilities of significant return on their investment dollars.

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