A Lighting Retrofit Can Save Your Business Money

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Replacement of old lighting systems are inevitable.

Now is the time to make the switch due to the Energy Independence and Security Act that will go into effect January 2012.

The phase out of the tradtional incandescent bulb will continue and the new law requires increased energy-efficient lighting sources, like CFLs and LEDs. Don't wait to make the switch. Your long-term committment will be the right choice for both your environment and wallet.

What is a lighting retrofit?

A lighting retrofit involves the replacement of outdated lamps and ballasts with new energy-efficient lighting technology products. There are a wide variety of retrofit system lighting choices available today and the possible ballast/lamp combinations are nearly unlimited. No single retrofit solution will meet all needs. Each must be evaluated based on a combination of the energy savings, which may be achieved, and the light output required to perform the tasks in the area to be retrofitted. Typically manufacturing, warehouse and distribution center facilities realize a significant lighting improvement as result of their upgrade.

What is the process?

The first step to your lighting retrofit is to perform an energy audit of your facility. Our knowledgeable team at Elite Lighting is dedicated to improving the lighting efficiency and energy use in our customer’s facility.  We will help our customers understand their existing lighting use, and design a solution using energy-efficient lighting technology which will deliver the most cost effective lighting, improved quality of light, and the quickest return on investment as a result of the upgrade.

What are the benefits of a lighting retrofit?

*Energy savings in your electric bill

*Rebate incentives from your local utility provider

*Improved quality of light therefore improved productivity and safety in the workplace

*Reduced labor costs and maintenance

*Pollution reduction

*Quick return on investment

*Tax incentives

Elite Lighting Company can provide your business with a personalized and custom designed lighting retrofit for your office space, warehouse or manufacturing facility. Our analysis includes your pre and post application paperwork so that as a business owner or manager you can continue to focus on your daily activities.

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

CHF Industries Retrofit

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This breakroom had four lamp T12 recessed fixtures.  They converted to three lamp high performance T8 recessed fixtures.

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Distribution Center

This facility converted from T12 high output fixtures that were approximately 40 years old to energy efficient high performance T8 fixtures

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Furniture Store

This customer has 213, 8 foot 2 lamp T12 strip fixtures that were approximately 30 years old. We changed out the fixtures to 8 foot 4 lamp tandem fixtures using 4 F32T8/850 high lumen lamps. The result was substantial energy savings, a better quality of light, and increased sales.

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Automobile Dealership Service Department

This automobile dealer service department was equipped with 39 - 400 watt metal halide light fixtures. The service technicians were complaining there was not enough light. The lighting was changed to 31 - 8 lamp T8 hi-bay fixtures and 8 - 4 lamp T8 hi-bay fixtures using F32T8/850HL lamps. The result was a significant power reduction, a better quality of light, and the personnel are not complaining about the lighting.

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Typical Warehouse

This warehouse had 65 250-watt high-pressure sodium fixtures. There are now 40 6-lamp T8 hi-bay fixtures. We used F32T8/850HL lamps with 3,100 lumens each. The result is less power consumption, a better quality of light, and fewer picking errors.

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Automobile Dealership Showroom

The new car showroom was using T8 color corrective fluorescent lamps in 2X4 four lamp recessed fixtures. After 1 1/2 years of deliberations LED recessed lighting was installed. The quality of light was increased, energy consumption was decreased substantially, and the customer is very happy with the results of this project.

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Typical Car and Truck Repair Facility

There were numerous 8-foot fixtures in disrepair, with one 400 watt metal halide hi bay fixture. We designed and changed the lighting system to include six lamp hi bay industrial fixtures. We used a 5000k 3100 lumen lamp. The outcome is the mechanical personnel are now able to see under the hoods, distinguish the proper tool in the tool chests, and eliminate the use of flashlights and drop cords for specific applications. The light levels went from between five and fourteen foot candles to an average of 55 footcandles with great uniformity.

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Typical Manufacturing Plant

This is a typical manufacturing plant. They are in the process of installing a new line for an additional product. They were using 8 foot 2 lamp industrial fixtures with slimline cool white and daylight lamps. There was an average of 19 footcandles in this area. Six lamp fluorescent hi bay industrial fixtures were installed using F32T8/850HL 3,100 lumen lamps. There is now an average of 63 footcandles and a far better quality of light.

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Typical Hotel Corridor

Wall sconces using 100-watt incandescent light bulbs illuminated this corridor. We changed the 100-watt bulbs to fluorescent 5000k 27-watt retrofits. The result was a better quality of light and decreased power consumption. The hotel manager reported guest reaction to the lighting changes was positive.

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