Bathroom Lighting – Do’s and Don’ts

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April 4, 2018
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December 25, 2018
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Bathroom Lighting – Do’s and Don’ts

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Bathroom Lighting – Do’s and Don’ts

We’re sure you’ve learned by now the importance of having efficient lighting, especially in the most commonly used areas of your home. But did you know that lighting is just as important in the bathroom? Below are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to effectively lighting your bathroom.

1. Use wall illumination or ceiling hollow. This is otherwise known as recessed lighting and provides the room with optimum light distribution. With this type of illumination, your chances of a glare occurring are slim to none, thus creating visual comfort.

2. Utilize task lighting on the sides of your bathroom mirrors. This type of lighting helps you achieve a certain task. It will help you see how to better apply makeup, style your hair, etc. Make sure you carefully consider the position of this type of lighting, as this will determine the contrast levels. Lights placed on both sides of the mirror will reduce facial shadowing and there are already lights positioned behind you, a soft background will be created. If you select wall sconces for mirror side lighting, mount them with the center of the fixtures at least 60” high.

3. When taking a bath or shower, use dimmer lights. This creates a mood of serenity and peacefulness as you relax and unwind from your day. Make sure you can still see, however, as you wouldn’t want to turn them down too low and strain your eyes or possibly injure yourself.

1. Slack on illuminating your bathroom. Don’t choose lighting simply because it’s cheap or choose to not worry about whether lighting is efficient or not. Make sure you can see!

2. Install lighting above your mirror(s). Chances of glaring will increase and it will seem blinding when you enter the room and turn on the light. Side lighting offers the best distribution of light in the room.

3. Install lighting in a place where it will reflect off the mirror. No one wants harsh glaring and/or distortion of vision!

4. Choose to leave lights exposed. Diffuse or cover your light, as this will create a softer look in the room. Exposed lights lead to glares.

5. Select fluorescent lighting. This type of lighting creates a harsher form of illumination and can distort your image in the mirror. LED bulbs are always the best choice for bathroom lighting. They’re energy efficient and long term.