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November 6, 2017
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The Benefits of Efficient Lighting

LED Efficient Lighting
The argument over which is better – traditional or LED lighting – has been going on for years. LED has stood in the forefront of this competition, however, as it has proven to have many benefits when switching over from traditional. These include:
1.       Longer operation times. LED light bulbs can have life times that last up to 100 hours, which would be 11 years of operation or 22 years of 50% operation. Even if you left a fixture with an LED bulb in it on for eight hours per day, it would take close to 20 years before it needed to be replaced.
2.       Less energy is used. With LED bulbs, energy efficiency ranges from 80-90% (the amount of electrical energy converted to actual light while the remaining percentage is converted to heat). This helps keep your electricity bill low.
3.       They’re eco-friendly. These bulbs are chemical-free and are 100% recyclable.
4.       They’re tough to break. These bulbs are resistant to shock, vibrations, weather exposure, vandalism, etc.
5.       They barely emit UV rays. This makes them perfect in areas where goods/materials are heat sensitive or UV sensitive.
6.       They have quite an impressive design. LED bulbs can be made into any shape and can also be dimmed. LED mood illumination is currently being practiced in airplanes and classrooms to settle the mind.
7.       They function at 100% in all seasons. These bulbs have been used in places such as freezer rooms or even outdoor spots during wintertime. They can withstand the summertime heat, too!
8.       They efficiently deliver the adequate amount of light needed. With the way it is designed, an LED bulb is made to focus its light; therefore, it can easily be directed without the help of a reflector.
9.       You can turn them off, turn them on, turn them off, etc. Switching these lights on and off do not affect their life span or light emission.
10.   They can operate on low voltage power. This is enough for the LED bulb to shine at its brightest, making it perfect for the great outdoors (along with a solar energy aid) and in rural regions.