Control Systems and Solutions

Creating an intelligent, responsive lighting environment is not only essential to effective facility management, it is also easier to implement, maintain, and sustain than ever before. Additionally, as legislation continues to address requirements, lighting and control systems will be needed to maintain compliance. Lighting Unlimited offers a wide range of controls solutions to maximize natural daylight as well as electric light when necessary. Additionally, our staff can help you make sense of which system is right for you based on budget and degree of control needed, as well as help you troubleshoot existing systems. Below is a brief description of common applications and considerations when thinking about a lighting upgrade, performing a TI, or looking to improve your existing facility:

Wireless Controls

Wireless controls represent a significant advancement in building automation. This control strategy offers integration with HVAC systems, high visibility and reporting, daylighting and occupancy zones, and individual fixture control. Depending on your needs, wireless controls can be scaled and designed to meet your functional needs and expectations. In retrofit scenarios where labor and ceiling access are a concern, many LED manufacturers are beginning to incorporate intelligent control systems into retrofit and new luminaires. These systems operate the system at a driver-level, meaning that no wire needs to be pulled between fixtures, saving money and time spent on labor. Commissioning is performed through a smart device, and is often included in the cost of a project by the manufacturer. Many of these products have a unique, secure way of grouping fixtures (such as Wi-Fi), can eliminate wall plates and bulkier sensor technologies, and be integrated into other existing equipment controls. These systems allow for zoning to accommodate the functionality of a business, and include sensor, daylight harvesting, and dimming functions. These systems are not only easy to install and commission, they save 30–80% in energy which prolongs the life of the luminaire. Adding controls keeps you code compliant, and new, smart wireless systems are very cost effective.

Indoor Positioning Systems & Li-Fi

Many manufacturers such as Acuity, Philips, and GE are investing heavily into new controls technologies that allow retailers to enhance customer experience through indoor positioning systems. This new technology helps direct a customer through the store and offers helpful tips on where to find products, coupons, recipe ideas, fashion tips, and other associated merchandise considerations. Many of these systems use Wi-Fi, GPS, and other common location technologies to implement their strategy, but some are even beginning to incorporate Li-Fi. Like something straight out of science fiction, lighting companies are now using light itself to transmit high-definition data to televisions, smart phones, and more. While still an emerging market, indoor positioning is an exciting opportunity for businesses to put their fixtures to use, aiding customer experience and driving sales.


For interior applications, one of the best ways to maximize energy savings is to use natural light. Smart systems can detect the amount of daylight in the room and reduce the output of fixtures near the areas to maintain even, efficient illumination. For exterior applications, we also offer a wide variety of photocells and timers to ensure that when the sun is up, your lights are off.

Dynamic RGB & DMX Controls

Looking for a way to make your property stand out from the rest? Color changing options with LED can be programmed to reinforce your brand, draw pedestrian attention, or change with the seasons. Whether it is tape lighting, new fixtures, or fl ex options, we work exclusively with cutting-edge industry leaders that can help identify how to take your application from average to awe-inspiring

Vacancy/Occupancy Sensors

One of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions is to implement vacancy/occupancy sensors. These sensors can be equipped to simply shut off lights after leaving a room, or turn lights on and off with occupancy. Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors sense heat changes, while lower-cost Ultrasonic technology uses sonar-like waves to detect motion. Depending on your application, one or both of these options can be used, and we can help get the right design using wall, corner, and ceiling options. These can be adjusted so that you can avoid frustrating performance and maximize your savings.


As with LED solutions, every facility is unique, and may have several options to address dimming in the facility including:
• 2 Wire Dimming: Have an existing panel that needs to be updated? Unsure if your building’s original system will operate with new LED technologies? Our staff are experts at specifying and troubleshooting forward phase/triac dimming systems, as well as reverse phase/MLV systems. Additionally, we are able to integrate high-performing LEDs within the system, and stock a variety of compatible dimming switches and parts.
• 0–10V Dimming: This 4 wire dimming system is the preferred choice of many LED applications. Be it integrated solutions, simple wiring from the fixtures, or wireless control options, we can help tailor the right solution to your application.