Lighting Retrofit Solutions

The demand for renovation solutions is larger than ever, representing more than 40% of the US lighting market. Elite Lighting’s expert staff can help you identify retrofit opportunities and recommend energy-efficient lighting and control solutions. A successful lighting renovation reduces energy and maintenance costs, increases net operating income, and delivers a more sustainable solution. The best renovations also enhance the visual environment, improve human comfort, and increase productivity and morale. Whether a retrofit or redesign, Elite Lighting offers the right products to meet your needs and achieve better results, including:
• Energy Savings – By reducing your monthly electric bill, a lighting retrofit delivers financial returns that are an unparalleled investment for your business
• Maintenance Savings – Save the inconvenience and wasted time spent changing bulbs by installing a long-lasting luminaire
• Utility Incentives – Rebates can reduce the cost of a project, improving ROI and payback periods
• Improved Safety – Updating lighting and controls can improve the security of a space by allowing greater visibility
• Environmental Benefits – LED lighting eliminates harmful mercury, and dark sky compliant fixtures allow us to view the night sky as it is intended
• Controllability – LED affords us the opportunity to easily implement controls strategies, saving you additional money and keeping you code compliant
• Tax Benefits – Certain upgrades may qualify you for a federal tax incentive, making projects even more lucrative
• Design Versatility – LED solutions are slimmer and allow for more creativity, flexibility, and specificity when designing a space to suit your taste.
At Elite Lighting, we are committed to tailoring our recommendations to give you the perfect balance of economy and performance. With our vast portfolio of manufacturers and proven expertise in indoor and outdoor luminaires, controls, LED technology, and daylighting strategies, we deliver integrated, intelligent solutions.