What Lighting is best for the Bedroom

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What Lighting is best for the Bedroom

lighting in the bedroom

The bedroom is a majorly important part of every house. Quality lighting provides a calm and soothing atmosphere. A combination of both portable and installed lighting works well for bedrooms. To help homeowners choose the best lighting for their bedrooms, we have articulated some of the best lighting types for bedrooms.

Top 3 Types of Lighting for Bedrooms

  1. Flush Mount

This is one of the most commonly used lightings for bedrooms. It is a light bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover. It is ideal because it prevents unpleasant glare while lying on the bed. It works well with low ceilings of nine feet and below.

  1. Recessed Fixtures

It is an amazing choice, owing to the fact that a dimmer controls it. The adjustable lighting is handy when you want to dress up and need enough lighting, or dimmer light for your bedtime routine.

  1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can double up as temperature regulators and illuminators. Choose a light bulb kit with a decorative cover to make your bedtime experience more interesting.

With varying styles to choose from, you will never go wrong with ceiling fans doubling up as lighting bedrooms. Remote-controlled ceiling fans give more comfort because you can use them from the comfort of your bed.